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Code of Ethics
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Code of Ethics

The IISFA members contract to agree and obey to the following rules of the Code of Ethics:

1) Support and promote a right information of the practices, concepts, standards and best practice universally recognised in the field of Information Forensics.

2) Do its activities according to the best practice and the total respect of the associative rules and Policy in force in the country in which you work.

3) Maintain a right knowledge and competence level in the development of the Information Forensics practice.

4) Do its work with professionalism, responsibility, ethic and honesty.

5) Maintain the privacy about all the confidential or private information discovered during the development of the professional activities and, if necessary, of the associative activity;

6) Not to damage in any way the reputation or the professional practice of the colleagues, customers, employers and the Association;

7) Not to do activities which can be a real conflict of interests or can damage the reputation or can cause moral and material damages to the colleagues, customers, employers and the Association.

8) Not to use the name and the logos of the Association without a previous authorisation of the pro-tempore President. The name of the Association, the logo, the own associative qualification, cannot be use, advertised, shown off, promote, promised and exploited during a marketing/commercial activity or during a promotion/professional relationship without the pro-tempore President authorization, heard the opinion of the Managing Board.

9) The IISFA logo cannot be used or affixed on materials employed by the teachers and by the students to form private or public subjects without the President authorisation. The logo cannot be associated, directly or indirectly, and without the President authorisation, to other logos or symbols of societies and associations with profit and benefit aim.

10) During the development of the private or business activities, in case of request of information about the association from the interlocutor, it would be necessary to postponed to an other site or to the web site

11) Furthermore, it is not possible to use for extra-associative reasons (especially in commercial activities and direct and indirect business), the emails with, dominion given to partners and members of the Managing Board

12) During the development of the working activity it is not possible to use “information, studies, analysis, material and IISFA logos “, received for associative reasons, with the commercial and business intent unless with the authorisation given by the Present.

13) The members of the Managing Board, the partners with special works and functions, all the people who in any way and shape represent the Association have, the moral and legal duty, to abstain to promote, do, conclude (even on behalf of a third party) commercial activities, business or profit with anyone whom the Association is in relation, according to the no profit initiatives or following to sponsored or organised events, in order to avoid that happens conflicts of interest and that someone uses without permission privileged information learnt during the development of one’s own associative duty. All the relation of business mentioned before are not included in these hypothesis.

14) Offers of lectureship or charges received on the occasion of organised events and initiatives sponsored by IISFA, must be examined pre-emptively and authorised by the Managing Board.

15) The Association suggests, prefers and encourages the deepening of the discipline in English, in order to create a complete and functional deepening of the Information Forensics and all its aspect in international field.

16) All the behaviours opposite and contrasting with the applications, purposes and aims sponsored by the Association are forbidden by means of National and International organs.





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