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Second Life Project
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IISFA Second Life Project


IISFA Second Life Project was created with the idea of ​​promoting the culture of Digital Forensics and taking advantage of the technological platform of Second Life as a meeting point for discussions and events such as seminars organized by the IISFA members. A sort of "cybercafe" for conference and training.

It was created a meeting point (IISFA INFO-POINT) for members and anyone interested in the project.





 THE INFO-POINT is located at  SLURL: 


For the organization of conferences / seminars has a specific classroom reserved for members where using streaming audio and video can be delivered real lessons on-line in real time. The classes are free for members.






Technical Information for accessing Second Life.

 For detailed information about Second Life is a reference to a reading on Wikipedia:




To create a 'Second Life account you can access from   qui.


To access Second Life there is an official client(   Viewer) or third-party clients.
  you can find a full list for different platforms.


For Operating Systems Windows / Mac / Linux recommend   FIRESTORM



For IPAD     Pocket Metaverse  free (download with iTunes).


In case you do not have a computer that supports 3D graphics, you can use a text-based but only allows listening to streaming audio:
  (Plug-in METAplayer).


The lectures / seminars are conducted through a streaming audio widespread within the simulator (SIM) for which the client must be configured correctly to listen to audio.






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